Young Albumborough! Released!


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Hey! Young Attenborough have put their album up for download and stream!

Check it out below!

We spent a couple of weekends tracking this, followed by a few more evenings of mixing.

Here’s the credzzzz:

Released 25 May 2014
Recorded in March 2014 with Luke Godwin
Mixed by Luke Godwin
Mastered by Kurt Wood


Young Albumborough!

I’ve been back in the studio recently with Young Attenborough to record their full length! We tracked drums and guide guitars in Jay’s wood floor bedroom with mattress walls at his dad’s house on the first day and then moved to my old studio in Dorking for the rest (5 more days). I’m currently taking a few days space from the songs before I begin finalising any mixes, but so far the songs are sounding great. Here’s a selection of photos that I’ve gathered from the sessions that you may not have seen if you don’t follow me on Facebook

YA pedals

YA Amps

YA Grid

It’s 2014!


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So, I know it’s a bit late to be wishing people a Happy New Year, but quite honestly, I couldn’t be bothered to login and update this site. Sorry.

Last week I played my first show of the year at the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, with my good buddy Tom George, aka The Lion and The Wolf. That is always a massive pleasure and this time he played with a drummer and a bassist… finally. His ever longing urge to be in Band of Horses appears to be coming to fruition… kind of. Anyway, they sounded great and I can’t wait to see them again. If you get the chance you should go see them!

My next show is at Catch Bar, Shoreditch with The Social Club on Wednesday 29th January. It’s gonna be a great show and the Social Club are always awesome fun!

soc poster all bands

Click the image above to go to the Facebook event page.




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I’ll be playing with Martha & Harry and the Potters, at the New Cross Inn (London), on Sunday the 18th August!

HATP Martha Luke Godwin New Cross Inn

Fun for all the family!

Come on down.

I will be at my buddy’s wedding the night before, so if nothing else, it’ll be amusing to point and laugh at how rubbish I feel.

Luke x