Outlines & Youth

I have a new record. It’s taken me ages to get it finished because I decided to write, record, re-write, record…repeat. A few times. But it is finally here.

Image below links directly to Bandcamp, where you can stream and download the album for free…although you can pay a little bit and consider it a donation towards me buying new strings for any shows that I may have coming up.

Hattie Album Painting BEBAS font X4 size

I hope you enjoy it and don’t find it too miserable.

You can also find it on Spotify and most of the other streaming platforms, because the modern world is cool like that.

Thanks! x

Peckham! Four Quarters! New Songs!

I’m going to be playing a heap of new songs at this lovely little acoustic show. It’s downstairs at the Four Quarters in Peckham which is a pretty intimate space and Sam / Punktastic are putting it on, so it’s definitely gonna be fun!

Let’s all have a lovely time.

(image is a link to event on Facebook)

Some Kind of Fix

Hey! There is an exclusive acoustic version of ‘Grinding Gears’ featured in this fantastic charity compilation that Close to Home Records put out today! Its for a great cause, with all profits going to Mind.

Luke Godwin - Some Kind of Fix - Charity Compilation Poster

Click the image above to download and listen!

There are over 40 songs from some absolutely amazing bands and artists, so you should grab yourself a copy. Minimum donation is £5, but if you can spare more, please do… you’re getting a whole heap of songs for your money and that’s always a good thing.

Have a fantastic weekend and stay awesome.

Luke x

Might As Well Fest 2015

It’s nearly the end of Festival Season and having had a great time playing at both 2000 Trees and End of The Road festival, with Human Pyramids, I’ll be finishing up the ‘season’ with the aptly named ‘Might As Well Fest’ with Break-Ups.

Might as Well Fest 2015

We’ll be playing with our buddies in ASTPAI and HARKER, as well as a whole load of other awesome bands.

Let’s make it a party.

There will be booze.

Stay Rad.

Luke x

Camden Show with Pacer! Yeah!


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Hi everyone! I’ll be playing a reasonably FREE last minute solo show at the Stillery in Camden this coming Sunday – 26th April.

That gives you somewhere between 5 and 6 days to get yourselves loose and limber for a nice with Pacer, Bloodbuzz and I.

Here’s a poster:

Pacer Bloodbuzz Luke Godwin Stillery Camden

Looks like a good night, right?


Download Brand New Lands For Free!


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Hey all!

It’s been over a year since I released Brand New Lands! To ‘celebrate’, I’ve decided to put it up for Free Download. Due to Bandcamp’s limits on free downloads, it won’t be free forever, so get involved as soon as you can and feel free to tell everyone you know / think might like the record.

Head over to my Bandcamp page by clicking on the image below:

Luke Godwin Brand New Lands Album Front Cover



Luke x