Luke Godwin

Solo jazz guitarist, using live looping to recreate jazz favourites.

Taking old jazz standards and exploring them with his trusty guitar and a few pedals, Luke brings a fresh voice to well loved classics. His approach focuses on creating melody within his improvisation with the occasional flourish of speed and complexity to catch the listener’s attention, before returning to more familiar territory.

Playing in bars and cafes around London has allowed Luke to engage with audiences personally and develop a style that simultaneously captures the audience’s attention and enhances the atmosphere of sitting back and spending time with friends and family, which he looks to achieve with each and every performance.

Heavily inspired by the jazz greats and primarily horn players, such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker, Luke takes these tunes and adapts them to suit solo guitar and appeal to fans of all music.

What started as a way to step out of his rock and pop comfort zone has become a true passion that shines through in his interpretations.