It’s 2013!

2012 was all right, I guess. Started okay. Carried on okay. Ended rad! I’ve made an album that is really close to being finished and I’m planning on putting it out in the next few months. I’m pretty stoked with how it’s turned out so far and there are only a few more little things that I need to change on it.

I’m also in a new band called Break-Ups. It’s proper fun! We’ve played 5 shows in the past couple of months and have recorded an EP, that I’d say we’re all pretty proud of. You can hear that HERE

So far this year, I’ve been to the beach, had some pretty awesome hang times with some rad people, been to work for a day and (currently / so far) a half, played a song on the Overground at the request of a drunk man (1st Jan) and played at the Windmill in Brixton last night (2nd Jan). That was fun! I’m trying to sort out a whole bunch of shows / tours and I’m pretty excited for a little trip to Berlin (not playing, just the touristy type trip)!

Luke Godwin Overground

Tonight…I’m playing with Break-Ups at the Bastad! Rats! album release show. Rushing off from work to get a train to Basingstoke to get BasingStoked with some good friends and a couple of coldies.

I’d say that everything is pretty sweeet. Awesome.

I hope you all had a super rad Christmas and New Year and I can’t wait to see you as soon as possible. Come and hang sometime!

Luke xx