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The Springtime Radio EP is all finished (apart from some little mixing things) and is being uploaded onto bandcamp this Sunday. I’ll post the bandcamp link soon. It’ll probably go online at about 6pm GMT but that’s not certain yet.

As for ‘official’ (physical/download) release, not much has been sorted out yet, but I’ll get on that as soon as possible and let you know what the plan is as soon as I know. I’m aiming for a proper release close to the end of June, provided everything goes as smoothly as I’m hoping it will.

Artwork is on it’s way but is not finished yet. I think I’d best get drawing pretty soon.

That’s pretty much the whole situation at the moment. I just wanted everyone to know that they’ll be able to listen to the EP before it’s released!

Hopefully everyone else will be as excited as I am about this release!

Party on, dudes! I’m super stoked!

Luke xxxx