Hopefully, most of you who’ve heard the Springtime Radio EP are aware that the release date is 1st July. You may however, not know that I intend to do some tiny final touches to the final mix & master thats going on the actual release.

When you record, mix & master your own music, every time you listen to it you find something that you just can’t stand. This is made even more apparent when you listen to a record that you think is amazing.

Along the way, when I was recording the Springtime Radio EP, I went through different phases of listening to different types of music and this indirectly affects the way in which you perceive your own songs and the way they are and should be mixed. Luckily, I have a lot of friends that try and tell me when to stop screwing about with things and I’m pretty good at giving up and just accepting.

However, through putting the pre-release version of the EP online it’s meant I’ve been able to gain some interest from people and it’s given me a chance to gauge my feelings towards the songs appropriately.

This is by no means a ‘paint by numbers’ list of what I need to do to the EP for me to be happy with the final product. It’s more of a ‘Luke, DON’T BE AN IDIOT! Pay attention to these things and make them sound exactly how YOU (I) want them to sound’. They’re only subtle things that I need to pay attention to throughout the entirety of the EP, in different amounts depending on the songs.

Generally, I’m pretty excited for getting this final mix & master done, which you’ll all be able to hear when it’s on CD & available for download.

As for this post, I felt it was worth writing for a moment about the way I work and to give you all a little insight in to the frustrations of creating an entirely DIY recording. I guess I just think too much. But, then again, that’s what everyone says about my music anyways…

Have fun with the Springtime Radio EP as it is, cuz it’s gonna be so much better (to my ears) when it’s finally done. Hopefully, you’ll also agree. This post is kind of more for the geeky music guys and girls that listen to songs in the same in depth way that I do. I think you’ll appreciate the new mixes a little bit more as well.

Luke x