I can’t wait! Hanging with some friends and playing music. Never fails.

I’m back in the studio with Tell Wolves Tales this Saturday. Should be good fun. Gonna record two new tracks and finalise mixes, etc, blah blah blah.

Sorry I’ve been so slack on updating this blog, I’ve been hanging around on facebook a lot lately and made a lot of posts on there of photos etc. I’ll compile them all and a few more and hopefully give y’all a massive geek post on here soon. I’ll try and get some examples of recent work on here too. You’ll like it. Everyone I’ve been working with lately has been brilliant and we’ve had some great times.

I still have a few weekend days in November free if you want recording, so drop me an email at and we can sort something out.

Catch y’all soon and if you’re near Harrow, I better see you at the show!

As always, muchos smoochos

Luke x