Today I bought a matched pair of sE4400a’s. So far, after a very very quick test, they seem great. Like a far more usable 2200a for instruments more than vocals. That being said, I haven’t recorded vocals through one/them yet. Looking forward to playing with some different micing techniques for different things.

I quickly recorded drums with just one to see what they can do… My favourite position was pointing at the floor tom from beside the snare, between the snare and the kick drum using the figure of 8 pattern. It gave me a nicely focused kick and snare, not too much ride and hats (I don’t have a crash or rack tom on my kit at the moment) but it also gave me a fairly nice amount of the room too. I’ll definitely use a kick mic if I use this position in the future and the other 4400a ,in figure of 8, as an overhead from over my right shoulder. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for every session, but I can imagine it’s gonna be sweet for some stuff.

It also sounded pretty cool on the bottom of the snare, but I didn’t try it with anything else when I tested that so it could suck in a mix!

Awesome. I also got a new headphone amp. Now, I’m going to bed cuz I’ve got work tomorrow and have man flu.