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Yesterday, I drove the lovely two hour drive from my house to Broadstairs in Kent to do a little live session for ‘Kent Kitchen’. Little did I know how much I’d dislike driving for hours when I was exhausted…

The session was great, all the people there were super welcoming and made my first ever ‘interview’ super easy, although I completely chatted loads of shit and am now paranoid I’ll have upset people with the explaination of the meaning / background of the song I played for them. It’s all exaggerated for effect in the song and I just continue that in the explanation. Meh, what can you do!?!

Anyway, after having been a bit poorly for a few weeks my voice was finally back and I didn’t play too bad. I’ll be sure to post the video on here once it’s online and I hope you like it 🙂

Until then, check out this gem of song that Rory (Some Sort of Threat) just found and linked me to…WHAT A HERO!

Until next time…

Luke x