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I’ve been a bit out of the blogosphere for a while because I’ve been really busy with Christmas, a few shows, writing a whole load of new stuff and recording as much of it as possible, some demos and some that’s gonna make the record. I’ve dropped a lot of songs and half written songs whilst writing for this record so I’ve recorded lots of demos that sound great, but will never work as songs for myself. Perhaps they’ll work for something else. Then I blew the tweeters in both my monitors so was out of action and pretty much did nothing. It’s a new year now though and I’ve already started getting on with stuff. First off, I bought some new monitors. They’re Adam A5xs and they’re great! My old monitors were pretty cack and when they finally died, after 3 years of me battering them, I decided it was time to make that upgrade (in quality, not speaker size) and buy some Adams, seeing as I have wanted some for ages.

Unfortunately due to it being the Christmas period and me constantly spending money on instruments etc I didn’t have enough money hanging around for the Adam A7xs, hence I got the A5xs. Nevertheless, they’re great and have already proved to me that where I thought my monitors were misleading me, they really were. Due to lack of stock where I bought the monitors, I currently have one brand spanking new one, and one of the display ones. For those who don’t know, speakers always have a ‘breaking in period’. This is basically where the speakers need to be used for [insert amount of time depending on speaker] in order for optimum performance. Because of this, the display speaker is significantly ‘fuller’/’richer’ sounding, causing it to be/seem ‘louder’ than the new one. I have a second new monitor on order, however, if I was to work using the current monitors for days at a time, when the display one is swapped for a new one, I’d end up with, yet again, unbalanced monitors. Full on PITA.

Anyway, enough rambling about the details, I am stoked to have some freaking rad speakers in the studio again/finally. They’re also smaller than my last set so are easier to take to other places for location recordings. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m recording Alfie J Crook… again. We’ve had a few sessions together so far. The first being after a boozy evening recording until 3am. I don’t think there was ever any intention of using those recordings for release, but it was good to get some time in. Since then, we’ve had a few ‘practices’ for a show we were both playing, in Plymouth with Franz Nicolay (which was awesome fun by the way, Hi Franz!). Alf’s set was going to be played as a band type thing. In the end we decided against the ‘band’ show and realised as we got to the venue it was for the best that we had decided this. Some of these practices were recorded. They were purely demonstration recordings for myself (guitar) and Alex (bass).

Next weekend I have a couple of shows lined up. They’re in Horsham and Guildford on Friday 13th (ahhhhh!) and Saturday 14th, respectively. If you can come to either of those it’d be greatly appreciated and I think some partying is gonna go down afterwards on Friday in Horsham.

Finally, I hope you all had an absolutely brilliant Christmas and a very happy new year. I wish you all the best and hope to see / meet you soon.

Luke x