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I’ve been rubbish at updating this lately cuz I’ve been mega rammed doing a bunch of real stuff, like playing shows and recording…

Anyway, I’ve just been in the studio with Tell Wolves Tales this weekend and together we made some sweet, sweet music. They recorded 3 tracks in even less time than they normally take and we drank a bunch of different alcoholic beverages through out Saturday and ate lots of crappy food both Saturday and Yesterday. All guitars were recorded with a different rig for each song. The most surprising rig was my modded Fender Mustang thru my Fender Deluxe Reverb amp with a cheeky pedal (that I’ve recently had returned to me) creating one of the most awesome tones I have ever heard 🙂 I can’t wait for you to hear all of their new songs. For the first time ever we didn’t use a Telecaster!

Otherwise, there have been sessions with Alfie J Crook, a few others and I’ve been working on my album, which is taking ages… but is sounding absolutely awesome. I’ll write a proper post about the album when I have a chance / more details on track listings etc and I’ll try and get a new teaser track up (or something) online for you all to hear asap.

Yeah! Get psyched!

Luke x