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As always, I’ve been really busy lately, so haven’t had a chance to write proper blog posts (sorry!). Loads of stuff is going on at the moment. I’ve been in the studio loads working on my new album and a load of other peoples records, I’ve played a few really fun shows at jubilee parties & birthday parties and I’ve met loads of great people at all of these. My album is also finally starting to take shape and these other records are sounding awesome!

I have a brand new song on an absolutely amazing compilation that Fools Paradise put together. The compilation is entirely downloadable for free and it’s the only place you can get my new song. You should check it out and download it here.

Click on the image above to be taken to the compilation on Bandcamp.

As I’m so rubbish at keeping this up to date you should keep up to date with what’s going down on the Facebook page and/or on Twitter. I update those far more frequently with shows, photos of sessions and other stuff you might find interesting.

I’ll try and keep this updated more frequently from now on… TRY!

Luke x