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During August I was really busy in the studio with We The Drowned and Tell Wolves Tales. Both bands recorded 8 tracks in my little studio in pretty similar ways. However, the difference between the way the bands themselves worked was pretty cool. It’s not a surprise to hear that some bands go in and blitz their recordings and it still sounds pretty awesome, whereas other bands like to take a bit of time over their work. I’ve always been a pretty slow worker when it comes to my own music, although, I decided to try and do the opposite when I recorded the Springtime Radio EP.

All in all, it’s been a pretty awesome month. Working super long days on the weekend after a week at my office job and playing shows in the week definitely takes it’s toll on your body. There are a few little things I need to fix in regards to the mixes and then it’s up to the bands what they want to do with the recordings. I’ll let you know, when I know.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing is because after 2 years of weekend sessions in my studio, sweating in a 7’x 7’control room with 3/4/5/upto 7(so far) other guys in there, I’m gonna move the control part of the studio into the live room and be there with the band when they record. Obviously this causes issues with monitoring while they play, but I never really made a big deal of that anyway. There’s never been a door between the live and control rooms before, so why now?!

Of course I may find that this turns out to be an absolute nightmare / make the live room too small / sound awful / feel awkward / straight up suck! If that’s the case, I’ll jsut change back. I’m hoping however, that this will give me enough space to feel productive again, interact with the band better if they’re recording live / the drummer when he’s tracking and give me enough to space to expand and experiment with gear which I don’t do at the moment cuz the control room is so small it feels cluttered as soon as I stand in it, let alone as soon as anything / anyone else is brought into it!

Tonight is the night I give this new plan a go. Hopefully, the change will give me a new perspective on the songs that I’ve got to do final mix things to and help me in the future. Tomorrow, I might just have to go and do some serious studio shopping…

Until next time, catch you soon 🙂

Luke x

PS. Session photos will be posted soon, once I’ve found a moment to get them off my camera / collect the best from other people who took photos.